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Here you will find several articles to help you win at Blackjack (21). You can also purchase Blackjack Software products here.


Proficient Blackjack Software Simulator is the best software available. It is designed for all players, from beginners to professionals. You can use it to learn card counting. It has several unique features that are not available in other products. The software is designed for Windows only. You can download a free demo version.


Version 4.1 has been released.

Practice and Training

Practice and train in a realistically simulated casino blackjack table.

Shows card count

Shows the running and true count. You can specify any card counting system. Also shows the number of cards and decks remaining.

Game Rules

Simulates a wide variety of blackjack rule variations.

High speed simulation

You can run simulation with any player configuration and rules configuration. Results of the simulation can be viewed real time.

Strategy Index numbers generation

A player strategy can be created using any of the following methods.

  • Automatically generate basic strategy and strategy index numbers for any count system (like High Low), for a given set of game rules. This is generated using a completely different approach from conventional methods. Conventional methods generate strategy by creating an artificial deck composition. In the new approach used here, generation is done in the flow of a real game. Other players in the game can also be specified. This will result in the generation of strategy in a very realistic scenario. Playing, betting and insurance strategy can be generated.
  • Option to optimize the playing strategy to take into account the betting strategy
  • Use the built in Basic Strategy / Hi Lo count strategy
  • Load it from an external file

Winning without card counting - EzAP

Learn to win without card counting. It will take you less than a minute to learn the strategy. The software will generate the EzAP strategy. No training is needed. You can use the strategy in a real table immediatlely.

Instant player edge computation for a given set of rules

For a given set of game rules, the player edge can be computed instantly. This is not based on a database. So, the player edge computation is supported for unlimited number of combinations.

Instant rule value evaluation

The value of a particular rule can be computed instantly. For example, you can find the value of "Dealer Stands on Soft 17".

Auto Player Edge computation

As you change the rules of the game, the player edge will be automatically computed and displayed. This will allow you to check the edge of a set of rules in real time. When a rule change is made, the change in player edge will also be displayed. This will allow you to find the value of a particular rule instantly.



Money Management tools

You need to run the simulation only once. Then change any parameter or option and see the results instantly. You can also view a graph to see the trend. You can find:

  • Risk of Ruin for given bankroll and hours of play
  • Trip bankroll needed for given risk of ruin and hours of play
  • How many hours you need to play blackjack on VegasBlackjack to achieve a certain goal with a certain probability
  • Probability of reaching your expected earnings goal for given hours of play
  • Expected Earnings  and standard deviation for given hours of play

Display Probabilities

When playing a game, following probabilities are displayed.

  • At the beginning of each round, player edge. This will allow you to compare your betting strategy with the perfect betting strategy.
  • Expected Earnings for all permitted actions (eg. STD, HIT, DBL, SUR, SPT). This will allow you to compare your playing strategy with the perfect playing strategy.
  • When insurance is offered, displays the expected earnings if insurance is accepted
  • Dealer's final hand value probabilities

Get Expected Earnings at different counts for a given player hand vs dealer open card.

Display probabilities for custom deck

Specify the cards remaining to be dealt and the rules of the game and compute the following: (This is not based on any count system. This is using the best possible strategy.)

o    Expected Earnings for all possible actions

o    Player Edge

o    Insurance Earnings

o    Probabilities for Dealer final hand value

Point out user mistakes

With this option, if user makes any mistake, it will be pointed out and user will have an opportunity to correct it.


A suggestion is always available when you are in doubt.

Perfect Player

Perfect play keeps track of every single card in making decisions. Perfect Play is available for playing, betting and insurance strategies.  Perfect play takes into account all current game rules. It also takes into account all bonuses like 5 Card 21, 6 Card 20, Double Diamond Blackjack etc.

Edge play: When dealer runs out of cards in the shoe, cards will be shuffled from discard tray. This scenario is also handled. In these scenarios, it may be possible to determine the dealer hole card and take advantage of it.

High speed: Several optimizations were made to make Perfect Play very fast.


Statistics window provides detailed breakdown of results for each player.


For each window, help is provided.


Realistic graphics and full animation simulating hand signals and movements. Animation speed can be controlled.

Natural display: Gives the feeling of being at the table.

Instant resize: Resize window to any size. The window will resize instantly.

Display Bet Amount: Display the bet amount of the betting chips.

Display Hand Value: Display the hand value of the players and dealer.

Save Results

Game Rules, Statistics, Player List, Player Strategy can all be saved to a file and restored later. When you close the application and restart, your previous settings will automatically be restored.


Print the playing strategy (basic strategy or strategy index numbers).


You can set different type of players for playing, betting and insurance strategy. Players can be User, Basic Strategy, Counter or Perfect player.  You can also create your custom strategy. Different types of players can be chosen for playing, betting and insurance. For example, perfect strategy can be used for playing decisions; count strategy can be used for betting decisions and user can be used for insurance decisions.

Player Strategies

Several Count and Basic Strategies for various game rules are included with the software.

User Guide

User Guide is provided with all products.



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